02: Be Baptized


  • “How are you doing?”
    (Share brief update, listen, pray, encourage)

Loving Accountability

  • Give an account of your obedience to your “Fish & Follow” goals you set from last week. (Mark 1:17)


  • Read Acts 2:36-47 & draw the church circle to cast vision for healthy church.


  1. Read the Command: In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says...

  2. Tell the Story: Philip and the New Believer - Acts 8:26-39

  3. Read the story aloud.

  4. Discover: Pray, then use the Bible discovery questions below to discuss the story and reveal its meaning for our lives:

    • What do we learn from the story about God?

    • What do we learn from the people in the story?

    • Is there anything from the story Jesus wants us to obey?


  • Retell the story

Explore More (Optional)

  1. What is “Baptism”?

    • Romans 6:3-4 - Baptism is a symbol that we have died to our old life and been raised to a new life in Jesus.

  2. Why should we be baptized?

    • Matthew 3:13-15 - Jesus received baptism, so should we. Receiving baptism means we have identified Jesus as our Lord.

  3. Who should be baptized?

    • Acts 2:38 - Everyone who repents and believes.

  4. How should we be baptized?

Set Goals

  • Fish: Who will you share with this week?

  • Follow: What from today’s lesson does Jesus want you to obey this week?


  • Pray and ask God for His power to help you obey these goals.