Church Circle
(Acts 2:36-47)

Step 1

Draw a dashed circle. This dashed circle represents a gathering of believers.

Step 2

These symbols represent the basic functions of a healthy disciple and church we see in Acts 2:36-47. Some of these functions have already been studied in the lessons, others have simply been practiced week-to-week without studying a specific lesson on a function (ex. God’s Word, Worship).

Step 3

Draw each of the functions which your gathering is consistently practicing inside the circle. Draw the functions which your gathering has not yet practiced outside the circle.

In this example, the gathering has practiced some very important functions of a church. However, there are a few functions that have yet to be practiced. If your church has yet to practice all the functions, make an action plan to begin practicing them today.

Step 4

If a gathering has identified itself as a “church”, then you may make the dashed line solid. The goal is to have a church become healthy and practicing all the functions as modeled by the  New Testament Church in Acts 2:36-47.

Also, for record keeping it will be helpful to identify: 

# of Attendees / # of Believers / # of Baptized 

You may also wish to record the location, start date and leader(s).